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Even when in the start I wasn’t completely sure about involved me in this type of read; I have to say that the true is I like very much this book, not just for the type of new things that gives us but even more because the reading was relaxing not to complicated and its easy be in her. In the first was a little estranger, and I think that it just will be about nothing else that angels and celestials things; but after you give a count that the author incorporate aspects that make that this type of topic not be the same of always.

Like a said, en every page, was an experience relaxing, but sometime I found some slips like example, the faster that happen the transformation of the character during all the book for become a Patronus, o better say how easy she takes. But even so, in proportion you advances, can see certain complexity in all this and how it really affects her.

Each character, and which is interesting and almost no see it, it’s that have an important role and never we lost of see, though in all the reading, can understanding, is just focus on the relation between Max and Lucy besides the problems that coming for her.
Even though the book, for me, was really good, had fails like another could have it but after, could make get out of that rhythm so fast. I think that, in so many occasions, I told myself (o better say, to the screen of the pc) something like: “Slow it down, more pages is coming, relax”, but it was understandable that with that mount of page (in e-book) was I little faster for me.

About include vampire, werewolf and some creatures like that, I don’t completely sure if it was totally good but I liked, because are characters that no make bad the book or affect so much that thing of Patronus (I don’t know how classify them yet) or even the history, thought the vampires are the principal enemies in this first chapter.

The end, definitely was the best part, I loved and is incredible the way such a good and at the same time, simple that the author get gives to the book an ending good done and open the road to the second, leaving us with the best emotion that the books can gift us: intrigue. I’m completely sure that soon I will be stick in the second. In conclusion the book has something new that, even when the topic is something that the readers have be in before, Awaken has some new aspects